A surprising discovery for your brain... jump rope!

Go back to childhood and have some fun with a jump rope. Increase your cognition and physical conditioning. Whether warming up, or working out, this could be a game changer.


Skip, skip, the brain makes a connection with the jump rope and we increase the communication between the brain and our muscles. This is a learning process much like learning any new exercise which also improves our coordination along the way.


All you need is a jump rope. No fancy gym equipment or supplies. Pick up your jump rope and find a suitable space. That's all you need! Go outside and breathe in the fresh air while you jump rope. Guaranteed you're going to warm up. Best part...it's portable, take it with you when you travel for a quick workout.

Cardiac Benefits

Jumping rope can be compared to running or even a fast paced walk. The benefits often are more substantial with a jump rope. It increases your heart rate and your lung capacity leaving you feeling like you've taken a good walk or run.

Calorie Burn

Skipping rope a few minutes each day can burn more calories than rowing or swimming and is not high impact like a run. Building your heart rate faster burns more calories and has the same aerobic benefit as running.

A Workout or Warm Up

Since it's so versatile, use the jump rope any way you can to incorporate into your workout or routine. It can be used for a simple warm up 5 minutes or as a stand alone workout. Using intervals with the jump rope provides a high intensity training session if you're looking for a quick HIIT (high intensity interval workout)workout. Jump for 20 seconds hard, jump easy for 10 seconds and repeat. Do this for 12 minutes! You can also skip rope on one foot at a time for this same time frame.

There you have it, now go get a jump rope!!!

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