Weight Training For Weight Loss

Can I lose weight with weight training? Yes, you can. Don't get caught up in the cardio for weight loss myth. It's simple and it works!

Weight training can often have surprising results. You don't have to do hours of cardio to reap the benefits of a calorie burn. Why? Weight training increases both your active and resting metabolic rate. How? When you use this type of strength training, you're building your strength and lean muscle mass, which increases your metabolic rate and burns more calories.

Some of my favorite weight training exercises are simple squats, dumbbell lunges, rows, push ups and dumbbell presses. All of these increase your heart rate and strength which leads back to the calorie burn and increased metabolic rate. The best thing about strength training is it doesn't always require you to leave your house. In those winter months, if you'd rather be home, most weight training exercises can be done at home. A set of weights are a good investment in your health if the gym isn't accessible. If push comes to shove, grab the heaviest soup can you can find!

If weight loss is not your primary goal, weight training is still one of the best ways to get in shape. It's essential for becoming stronger and more functional as we age. Not to mention how great you'll feel once you're more fit and have that improved physique!

All the changes that occur with weight training are a win/win for the body and mind. The biggest benefit? Results are much more sustainable over time and it don't require a huge time commitment for workouts.

Ideally, incorporating both weight training and cardio will give you the healthiest body composition.Now give that metabolism a boost and go lift some weights!

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