New Year's Resolutions 101

Why do we feel the need to make resolutions every year? Year after year, with the utmost confidence in ourselves, we make those GOALS. This year, I'll eat healthier, go to the gym more, limit my screen time before bed or get more sleep. Why do we expect so much from ourselves every year? Are we being realistic?

Maybe we should consider this.....if we don’t set realistic resolutions, we can feel overwhelmed and discouraged. This can affect future goals and many other facets of our lives. Making New Year's resolutions can be a healthy way to make lifestyle changes for the better, but if we don't make them achievable, we will be disappointed when we don't reach them.

Tips for making and REACHING our resolutions:

1. Review what happened or didn't happen with last year's resolutions. Where did you fall short? What motivated your or de-motivated you?

2. Put your goals into bite size pieces. If you are trying to eat healthier, set a specific, measurable goal such as eating one healthy meal a day.

3. Get visual. Keep a journal or some way to keep track of your progress. At the end of the first month, go back and take a look. Where did you succeed or fall short? Keep track of your progress!

4. Create habits! If your goal is to be more active, set a reminder on your phone to get up and move. In time, these steps will become habits!

5. Go easy on yourself and give yourself some grace. It's not easy. If resolutions were easy, everyone would make them and keep them! Stay on track, review your progress and make adjustments when you need to. If you didn't meet your goal, don't fret, I'm sure there was progress there! You can always re-group if you need to.

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