Take the bite out of the holidays without the stress.

Give yourself some grace around the holidays and don't stress over the small stuff. Enjoy your time with family and friends without the guilt of overeating.

Most of us have been there. We feel the stress of possibly over indulging as the holidays approach. Why though? It doesn't have to be a stressful time and can be quite enjoyable if we become more mindful in our approach to holiday eating. After all, the holidays are not just about food, but more about those once a year events we enjoy with family and friends. It's a celebration! For holiday dinners, we start with the appetizers. Reach for the veggie tray first. Veggies are filling and full of protein. If you have some chips, don't sweat the small stuff, grab a small handful and move on. If you've filled up on veggies, you'll be more apt to eat less carbs. This also applies to holiday parties with a multitude of appetizers. Drink plenty of water while grazing. If drinking alcohol, drink water in between.

On to the main course. For dinner, be conscious of how you load the food on your plate and the order in which you eat. Be mindful. Take it all in. Enjoy each bite and even consider eating slower. A trick that has always worked for me is changing hands with my utensils. It slows you down and makes you think about what you're doing with the next bite rather than having another bite ready before you've finished what you have! Again, eat the carbs last. You'll be more apt to eat less.

Desert.....always in abundance around the holidays. Most of us have one we prefer or our "favorite". This is when portion control comes in. We think portion control with our main course, which is important, but it's more important here. If you have a desert. Pick one, not three. Enjoy the one you have and move on!

Finally, now that you've eaten, get moving! The less you move after your food settles, the harder it is on your body. Walking will increase your digestion and metabolism. Take a nice walk. Bundle up, enjoy the fresh air and movement. Be thankful you can move!

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