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Five years ago, I had a light bulb moment when one of my kids said to me..."mom, maybe you should step up your walking".  What does that mean? Go faster? Go farther? I was on the hamster wheel of life, work, and daily routines. Did I need to make a change?  A year later I was 20 pounds lighter and felt like a different person. I didn't even know how poorly I really felt until I paid attention. While 20 pounds may not seem like a lot, on a smaller frame with Osteoarthritis, it really made a difference. We often get so caught up in our daily lives that our health is the first thing we neglect. Getting healthier has allowed me an opportunity to compete, share, and live life in a fuller, more graceful way.

Learning more about the human body, exercise, nutrition, and behavior modification became my passion. Having my own coaches and mentors along the way helped me understand how important it can be to have "your person" that helps guide you when you're stuck. Most importantly though, helping others achieve their personal best, (whatever that might be) is an honor.

My approach is holistic and client centered. When you make a change, it should come from a desire within, not only because you feel like you should! Our thought patterns, and the behaviors that follow, allow us to make positive changes that lead us to life changing healthy choices.  Through planning, support, and accountability, we will work to find the best "you". 

What makes me qualified? I'm a Registered Nurse with an ACE Certification in Health Coaching. I'm also an IFTA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Feeding my passion for fitness, I've become an endurance junkie and completed 3 Half Ironmans and 8 Half Marathons along the way. What's your passion? Let's find it together!



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"I've worked with Hope for nine weeks now at the YMCA. Skilled in her job, it's a pleasure working with her. She knows exactly when to encourage and push me. I can now say when I go to the gym I know what to do when I walk in. Thanks for everything Hope!"

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Amber C.



Why Get Healthy Now?

Why Not?


Exercise releases the "feel good" hormone  (endorphins). This feeling can last all day!


A brisk walk can raise your heart rate, increase oxygen flow and leave you energized for hours.


Regular activity can help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. 


Regular aerobic activity not only increases your calorie burn, but also increases your resting metabolic rate.


As you get healthier, you build confidence from the inside.


Being active strengthens your heart, increases oxygen flow, and contracts muscles.

Health and Fitness Coaching

Spices in Jars

12 Week Package

An investment in yourself with accountability and sustainable change.


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6 Week Package

A jump start or a revamp to get you working towards your personal goals.


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Individual Sessions

Can be an extra boost or a clean start with flexibility to meet your needs.